SSF2 – All your favorite characters in one game!

SSF2 – All your favorite characters in one game!So whenever someone talks about fighting online games the first thing that comes to my mind is Super Smash Flash 2. Usually, when you see flash games you expect to see a simple one player mode game with dull fighting scenes and basic moves, well SSF2 is not this case, it is totally whole new concept with four(!) player mode, you can either play it with you friends or you can choose PC as your opponent. One way or another game promises to be outstanding and full of action.

Attack moves
Now, the possibility of multiplayer is already a huge thing for a flash game, but it is not all, after starting your game you will notice how many different moves each character has, and also there are combo moves that bring epic fighting scenarios. It will take you a while to understand the full potential of your character and how to play it correctly, but once you do you will be addicted to this game and its complexity and depth.

Now I have told you about two things already, first it is the multiplayer option of Super Smash Flash 2 and the second amazing attack/combo moves of the game. The third great option is variety and the number of characters (30+!). Each character has its own unique attack abilities and combo moves, I love the fact that these characters where take from popular TV shows, anime shows, or games. You will be able to play here with Naruto, Pikachu, Mario, and many more. I guess one of the main reasons why this game is so popular is its characters, you just can’t leave this game without attention since it may have your favorite character in it.

Other details of SSF2
Controls of the game are simple and easy to use, in case you want to use your own keys, feel free to check the settings section of the game and edit them there.

There are also a lot of SSF2 guides out there where you can find interesting articles/videos regarding this game, pro players make such mind-blowing attacks, and combos with the high speed you will just lose your mind when you’ll see it.

Download for Linux/Windows
You can also download Super Smash Flash 2 on your PC and play it in offline mode (This is a very handy option if you don’t want to wait for the loading screen), I personally visit, they have an online version of the game as well as download page where you can download Super Smash Flash 2 on your PC (Linux/Windows supported versions are available).

What else can I tell you? The game is just amazing, millions of players enjoy it every day, as a hardcore gamer I highly recommend you to check this game out. Also if you like fighting games you should try Electric Man games.

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