Do you remember that old legendary game from the ’90s? Snakes, it was awesome when we used to play it in our childhood, and later on, we used to play it on our phones, oh sweet nostalgic memories…
Anyway why I had such a monologue, you see there is a new version of the game with a HUGE twist – Unblocked. The game in terms of the objective is the same, gameplay is the same as well, but boy changes to the graphics are HUGE and the map is a lot bigger as well and now it is made with a 3D engine. Old Snakes game got a new life and it looks so awesome.

Like I have said before the objective of the game is the same, you must collect small glowing bubbles that are placed all across the map. You must also avoid clashing with other players, direct hit will cause loss. The more bubbles your snake consumes the bigger it will become.

The game also has a couple of interesting features. The first one is the possibility to change the skin of your snake; some skins look really cool and attractive. You can visit this option in-game menu and set your favorite skin.
The second feature is to build your own slither, this feature appears in the bottom right part of the game window when you click the change skin button. This feature is also for changing the appearance of your slither, you can change the color and skin of each part of your slither.

You can also select your nickname and play under that pseudonym. The game has a leader board tab at the top right corner of the game window; if you will succeed in the game you can find your nickname among top players there.

The game is fully controlled with a help of a mouse, you can give directions to your slither with a help of it and if you will click with the mouse your character will accelerate. is super popular and the possibility to enjoy this game with other players online is really awesome.

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