N Game 2 Unblocked

Yet another adventure game is here with a new release – N Game 2 Unblocked. You play as a ninja and you complete different missions and you have to go through a dangerous map that is full of traps and obstacles. Maps are sure dangerous, with spikes and deadly traps, and other obstacles are just getting worse as the game progresses. Early stages are relatively easy, but as you go to higher levels things get really difficult, you will have to show decent gaming skills and a creative mind in order to succeed in the game.

The main objective of reaching the end of the map alive seems kinda too primitive, this is why game developers decided to add more challenge. In order to unlock the door at the end of the map, you will have to collect all golden coins which are placed all around the map. Things are not so simple with golden coins and it’s really tricky because these coins are placed near traps, make sure that you plan each and every move in order to not end up in those traps.

Your character is a very skilled ninja with different moves, these moves are essential for your missions, and without these special moves, you won’t be able to finish maps. Main moves include: running on the walls, performing a long jump, etc.

Oh and I have almost forgotten to mention that game has both single-player mode and co-op mode for two players, you can enjoy this awesome adventure game with your friend and two of you can finish maps and complete missions together.

Entertainment and fun are what you will get by playing N Game 2, you can also play the first version of the game I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

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