Learn To Fly 2 Hacked

Do you like games that involve upgrades, different gadgets,s and cool stuff like that? Where you can make your characters stronger, step by step by improving his stats with a help of different objects? I have some amazing game to offer you – Learn To Fly 2 and the best part is we have a hacked version of the game and you can grab all upgrades instantly.

The game story revolves around one motivated penguin that wants to prove to the world that penguins can fly too. In order to achieve his goal, he decides to use different gadgets and equipment. He upgrades his gear on daily basis and improves his flying stats dramatically. His final goal is to reach the finish line and get in the headlines of world press as a flying penguin.

This mission is very challenging and hard, do your best to help cute penguin achieve his goals

Your objective in the game is to control the flight path of your penguin, you will have to buy different upgrades for him as well, in order to buy those gadgets you will have to earn money first. Earning money in the game is an easy job; all you have to do is fly, the further you fly the more money you can get.

The main reason why the game is so popular is that all the diverse and cool equipment in the game. You can buy for example: gliders, umbrellas, parachutes, propellers, rocket engines, different boosters, different sleighs, payloads, etc. The game has tons of different upgrades, you have so many choices to improve the flying skills of your penguin and this feature is the exact reason why people admire this game so much.

Upgrades are a very important part of the game, without expensive equipment you won’t be able to reach the finish line.

The game has three different modes: story mode, classic mode, and arcade mode. Before playing any other modes I highly suggest you finish story mode first. This mode is very entertaining, it has an objective, it has challenges, and entertainment as well.

By the way, upgrades can be found in the shop, there are different tabs in it and each tab contains tons of different upgrades which are listed in four major categories: sleigh, boost, glider, and payload.

Hope my small guide was useful for you, if you have any questions or suggestions either use the contact form from my blog or leave your comments below in the comments section.

Cheers and have fun!

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