Impossible Quiz 5 – Book Chapter III

To the lovers of the Impossible Quiz game series, the Impossible Quiz 5 is one installment that you can’t afford to avoid. The Impossible Quiz game series is a game that focuses on several questions and answers. Luckily enough, the fifth question is the first of its own kind in the series to include the maze questions. With this 5th installment, the experiences with playing the Impossible Quiz games just got better and it presents the player with different tools, difficulty levels, and safety questions. Here is a complete Impossible Quiz 5:

Instructions of the Game

The rules for playing this game are pretty straightforward and simple:

– The screen normally indicates a red dot where you’ll move your cursor.

– Moving your cursor to the dot initiates the appearance of the maze followed by a message that reads, “Now Do Not Touch Blue.”

– Additionally, a sad and happy face appears where time the arrow points to the start buttons and goal respectively.

– To play, you should move your mouse over to the dot on the right-hand side of the screen while leaving blue parts untouched.

– Notably, this game allows a player to move to just two circular spaces which are indicated by the red dots on the sides of the screen. Unfortunately, blue parts of the screen normally surround the circular areas which make crossing over them to become a challenge.

– For this reason, you should always ensure that you move your mouse pointer off the screen since the screen boundary normally connects with free spaces that a player uses to move to the other red parts of the screen.

– Once off this screen, move your cursor, move around the maze so as to enter the 2nd dot’s space. The space that contains the red dots also connects to the edge of the screen.

– Once you’ve reached the red dot, you should click on the dot to play.

– When one follows these instructions carefully, then playing the Impossible Quiz 5 becomes very easy as the difficulty level increases.

Controls of the Game

Apparently, the player can use simple game controls when playing Impossible Quiz 5. The following are the controls for playing this game:

– A game console: The game controller is used to move quickly over the blue parts while following the instructions

– A mouse cursor/ pointer: The movements of the cursor on the game’s screen have also been integrated so as to play the game even without using a game console.

– Keyboard commands: Using the keyboard combinations usually make it quite simple to play this game. For example, one can opt to use the ctrl + shift + 4 to move to the maze and also toggle between red dots.

Final verdict

Undeniably, Impossible Quiz 5 is the most interesting game of all the Impossible Quiz series of games. Get this game and you’ll surely enjoy the fun associated with playing questions and then answers games.

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