How to play Happy Wheels

There are quirky online games and then there is Happy Wheels, a silly game whose simplicity belies its addictive nature. Playing, and learning to play happy wheels, is a relatively simple process, so long as you have internet access and time to kill.

How to play Happy Wheels

-The Website:

Before worrying about learning to play Happy Wheels, you will need to visit the official website to access the game; there are various demos on offer that can provide you with a taste of all the cartoon violence and exploding bodies in store.

-The game:

You are going to have a lot of fun watching your character get thrown about in this surprisingly violent pastime. Once you access the game, you need only click the ‘Play Now’ button to begin your encounter with happy wheels. You can also take the time to peruse the instructions or change the controls in the settings.

-The controls:

You will use the arrow keys to accelerate, brake, reverse; lean back and lean forwards. These controls will prove useful when maneuvering two-wheeled vehicles through obstacles. Space bar, shift, and control will allow you to access a variety of special abilities depending on the character you are using and the level in question. For example, with Wheelchair guy, shift and control will rotate the jet while the spacebar fires. Your ability to learn your character’s special abilities will impact how easily you maneuver the different levels.

-The Levels:

You will need to understand the levels in order to beat them. Some levels are obstacle courses, availing wrecking balls, giant spiders, and gravity wells designed to test your skills. Others force you to plunge down a cliff as you contend against all the corpses and umbrellas raining down upon you. While most levels provide a finish line you are free to explore.


You need to remember that characters in this game only die when they lose their heads or torsos. Lost limbs mean very little. The fact that you are losing gallons of blood or have no limbs shouldn’t stop you from advancing.


There are levels that will force you to leave your vehicle behind and either walk or crawl. In such cases, shift and control will help you to move your arms and legs. The manner in which the different characters operate will vary, though most tend to flop about like fish.

To get the most out of HappyWheels unblocked do not be afraid to explore; take advantage of the Browse Levels’ option in the main menu to locate non-feature levels. Users are always adding new levels to the game.

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