How to play this game?  With a help of your mouse and keyboard, all buttons keys can be found in the main menu of the game.
 What is objective of the game?  To reach finish line first, you can’t die in the game, but if you wont reach finish line first you will lose match.
 Can you use weapons in the game?  This is main reason why I love this game, unlike other racing games here you can pick up various weapons and use them against your opponents.
 What is the best way to win?  Avoid direct encounters, you don’t have to fight them, you can simply avoid conflicts and reach finish line first.
 Is the game free to play?  Game is completely free, you can play it on our blog whenever you want and as much as you want.
 Do you plan to expand this blog and add more features to it?  We have some plans to turn this blog into gaming platform, to connect fellow gamers, to add more functions and features. Stay in tune in order to not miss anything.
 Which other shooting games can you suggest?  I guess you can try playing SSF 2, Gunmayhem 2, Gunblood, Vex 3…
 Do you need some help with your blog?  We are short is hands, we are looking for bloggers, we are looking for developers and graphiceditors. If you have experience in any of these subjects let us know please.
 There are other blogs like this out there, what makes your blog special?  I know that there are tons of blogs, but I still think that they are not half as friendly as ours, we have amazing people here and enjoyable community ready to help you 24×7.
 Can we contact you to ask some questions directly?  Sure, in fact we encourage our users to ask if something is not clear. We are also open to new ideas and suggestions, contact us via contact form.

Once again thanks for visiting us guys, we have we answered all of your questions above, if you have specific questions or some suggestions you can use the contact form.