Boxhead 2 – New Release

This is an awesome zombie apocalypse flash game, the main objective of the game is to kill or be killed. What I like about it the most is how diverse this game is and how many features it has. Tons of different weapons, some machine guns, pistols, shotguns, explosives, and other equipment to help you destroy a horde of zombies. The huge list of weapons is not only a positive aspect of this game, it also has different maps, each map has its own strategy. By strategy I mean that there are special spots where you should stand and fight, it has special escape paths and other details which you really have to know if you want to succeed in the game. Each map is unique and requires its own unique approach.

Apart from weapons and maps game also comes with three different modes: Single-player mode, cooperative mode, and my favorite one deathmatch mode. The first mode is for solo gaming; you can play it alone and survive levels. The second mode (cooperative) allows you to play with your friends; you can go through different maps together and help each other to defeat zombies. The last mode (the one I like the most – deathmatch) is all about the duel, two of you play in the room where you fight each other, as soon as one player dies he instantly respawns and the game continues, in order to find out who is winner game calculates how many kills you have, as always one with the most kills is the winners, pretty simple.

Now some tips from me which might help you a lot:

  • There are gasoline barrels across the map, use them wisely, by using them wisely I mean that shoot these barrels when there are hordes of zombies around it, this way you will manage to inflict maximum damage with minimum effort and minimum ammunition, save your ammo whenever you can.


  • Red boxes that you see across the map (they often spawn across the map in random locations) are ammunition and weapons as well. As soon as you will pick one of these red boxes dialogue windows will pop up telling you exactly what you just picked.


  • Splash damage and its role in the game is huge, these are limited weapons and you should use the same way as gasoline barrels. Use your grenades and rocket launchers only when there is a big group of zombies, this way you will manage to kill all of them in a single strike.


  • Weapons can be upgraded by killing zombies, kill as many as you can, and try to do it with a single weapon, it will give you better stats on that one specific weapon.


  • Apart from ordinary zombies, sometimes, there are other, more dangerous units, if they will appear (for example Box Devils) ignore ordinary ones and attack them first, it will increase your chance of survival.

I guess that is all that I wanted to tell you about Boxhead 2 at the moment, make sure that you follow my tips listed above and invite your friends, together you will have more fun.

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