Hello friends and welcome to my blog, hope you are having a great day just as I do. So, I am really excited to present to you my brand new blog and I am really excited to let you know that now we can play Getaway Shootout for free, YAY!! If you are here, reading my text you probably already know that this is free online game that offers mind-blowing, action-filled and interesting battles, despite the fact that the game belongs to free to play category it is really entertaining and fun to play.

The game kind of reminds me good old battle royale type of the game, there are various players in the game and all of them are rushing towards a specific point in the map. Now in order to win, you will have to be first, you will have to overcome all of the obstacles in the game, you will have to defeat all of your opponents and become number one.

unlike ordinary racing games here you can use various weapons to achieve your goal, you can pick up axe, you can pick up RPG, machine gun, or other weapons and shoot your opponents in order to slow them down, be careful because your opponents will have opportunity to do the same thing.

I shouldn’t probably explain to you how this game works and what it is all about, because you already probably know about it. I guess you will be interested to learn more about our blog and the people behind it right?

Okay, look, we are free gamers, some of us here are good in other things as well apart from gaming, to be more precise web-design, some of us decided to build gaming blogs and others decided to help them with this objective. So here you have our blog, here you have our articles and our beloved game as well. The main goal of the blog is to connect gamers together, to discuss various tactics, strategies and things like that. We will add video guides as well from time to time, we will be sharing news and other interesting things.

We also might have some plans regarding building forum, people love forum in general, they enjoy discussing interesting topics, they love to talk about other subjects as well, this way you might be able to increase your friend circle and find people who enjoy online games the same way as you do. We have big plans, I hope we will be able to complete it.

With that being said, it would be great if you could help us with some projects, maybe someone can suggest a good forum script with a gaming theme? maybe someone can write articles, guides, etc. Maybe some are good at video editing, maybe someone has some suggestions. There are tons of things we can do together, there are tons of things we can accomplish and improve this platform.

With that being said my fellow gamers, I am happy to have you here, contact us if you have any suggestions, share your opinions and don’t forget to have fun.

Cheers guys!